The Kingsboro Bowmen is an archery club promoting the use of the bow and arrow for Pleasure, Sport, Competition and Bowhunting. We are located in Lone Star Lakes Park in the village of Chuckatuck, in Suffolk, Virginia. Founded in 1979, we strive to promote archery of all types.


        Lone Star Lakes Park is a beautiful part of the Suffolk Parks & Recreation  city parks system. They help sponsor our club by allowing us to build our range on city land to promote the use of the park for the citizens of Suffolk and visitors to our area. Membership with the club gains free use of the park for: fishing, hiking, picnicking, nature trails, horse back riding trails.

      We are members of the Virginia Bowhunters Association (VBA) and the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO). Using these organization rules we host organized Archery events throughout the year. In the past, we have hosted the VBA State Indoor Championships from 1986 through 1996. We presently host, at our range located in Suffolk's Lone Star Lakes Park, SIX 3-D shoots from February through September of each year. These shoots all have divisions and age groups to assure fair competition at all levels. No membership is required for the shoots.


In 2013, Kingsboro is again hosting the VBA Sectional State Indoor Championship at Wilcox Archery in Newport News. The dates are February 23rd and 24TH  A flyer will be out soon!

For 2013, we are having four "FUN" shoots. Three will be two day. Shoot either Sat. PM or Sunday AM or Both. We are still shooting on the  last weekend of the month. These shoots are to promote membership into all of the local archery clubs that are promoting archery by setting up and having 3-D shoots. a lot of work goes into hosting a shoot.  It is also open to all  ARCHERS, TBA, Dixie, Goochland, White Oak, Fort Lee,  and VBA members from anywhere in the state. Guests are allowed. Bring someone to see the fun we also have. No Awards. Cost is $10.00 for adults and youth and cubs shoot free! Limited food will be available. Casual shooting. the number of targets may vary. And also may have more than one stake at the same animal.

Arrows will be inspected to confirm Target points are same outside diameter as the shaft. We have had a lot of target damage by points being larger than shafts.

On Sunday,  August 25th our 3-D shoot will benefit the Hunters for Hungry Organization. Fun shoot at known distances. $5 buck minimum donation, Max up to you. A Round # like $5, $10, $20 a lot easier on making change and for an EXCELLENT cause!! Bring a hunting buddy to show him what he is missing!! Last Year we donated $ 585.00!!! Lets break that record this year!!!

No Broadheads! No Cross Bows!

        Our club meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the first Thursday of each month at Lone Star Lodge at the South end of the Lone Star Lakes Park.

        Club dues are $30.00 for single membership and $40.00 for Family. VBA dues are required @ $20.00 per year, single and $28.00 Family max. IBO Dues are optional @ $30.00 per year. There is a one time initiation fee of $5.00. Visitors are always welcome!

        Member Benefits include: Free Suffolk Lone Star Lakes Park Membership, Club participation, Archery Equipment discounts (Wilcox Bait and Tackle), Free shooting at our shoots for working members, Discounted fees at other archery ranges, Free food for attending meetings, Free archery instruction, Buy/Sell/Trade archery equipment  Informative meetings, VBA Awards, Helpful hunting tips, Christmas Party. Support of the VBA to insure your Hunting Rights!

        For immediate information or additional directions to the meeting site, please send email or call Ed Bickham (757-255-2294) 

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